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Our custom made Light bar (roll bar style) from Classic Design Concepts, makers of the Saleen Mustang Light Bar. These light bars have an  light barintegrated LED brake light and a quick 2 hour install.

Click the links to check out pictures and pricing.
- Ford Mustang light bar
- Mitsubishi Eclipse light bar
- Chrysler Sebring light bar
- Pontiac Firebird light bar
- Chevy Camaro light bar
- Pontiac Trans Am light bar
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Hot Compact and Import (HCI) Magazine Feature

Hot Compact and Imports (HCI) Magazine features our RX7 VLS on the cover

Eclipse vertical door conversion kitI first saw Jay's RX7 in our booth at SEMA. I had driven my own 3000GT Spyder out from LA to Vegas for the show. I was tired, and there wasn't much that could wake me up. Luckily we had sitting in our booth probably the hottest show car in the country.

No, you won't recognize it... it's been completely changed. Why on earth would Jay take the hottest Black RX7 in the country and change it. If it isn't broken, don't fix it, right? Oh no... you don't sit, you keep going. Jay decided to take his VLS equipped RX7 to new heights with a new body kit, candy orange paint, all to destroy the competition once again in a new year of show competition.

We custom made the RX7 VLS vertical door conversion based on Jays car specs. The wide body was no problem because we do NOT require you to roll the fender, and our VLS takes the door completely up and out of the passenger compartment... not overlapping the fender and leaving it in front of the passenger compartment like other kits.

I'm proud that Jay's beautiful RX7 is on the cover of Hot Compact and Imports (HCI) Magazine. When I met Jay, and we kicked it at the China Room in Vegas one night, I found out the guy behind the car was pretty damn nice... it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Here's to more Best of Shows for 2004.

Check out the article on Hot Compact and Imports (HCI) Magazine's website.