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  3000GT / Stealth Pod Gauge Package Deal

Prosport 3S Package Deal!

Buy our 3x52mm or 3x60mm gauge pod at the same time as 3 Prosport Gauges and get $20 off the gauge package!

Here's how:
You must add this gauge pod package to the order at the same time as you order ANY 3 gauges from our site. Then you'll get the pod and 3 gauges sent.

If you don't add this pod with 3 gauges at the SAME TIME you'll be just sent the gauges (no package discount) or if you just add the pod, the order will be refunded. You may not only order a gauge pod at this price. Gauge pod shipping is $20.

3x52mm gauge Pod package deal
3x60mm gauge Pod package deal

3000GT / Stealth Install Bracket

3000GT/Stealth Center gauge install bracket with
3 gauge installation.

This bracket MUST be ordered at the same time as any 3 Prosport gauges or your order will be cancelled.

This uses the stock 3000GT/Stealth center cluster bracket, and has all wiring finished and wired to the driver side for easier installation. It is hand made.

When you order with three gauges email us to let us know what order they should be in left to right. When you return your stock cluster within 2 weeks your $50 core will be refunded. If not it is forfeited as purchase of the core you recieved.

$100+$50 core
Sorry, but this bracket
is no longer

We left the pic up to help the do it yourself'ers.

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