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Our custom made Light bar (roll bar style) from Classic Design Concepts, makers of the Saleen Mustang Light Bar. These light bars have an  light barintegrated LED brake light and a quick 2 hour install.

Click the links to check out pictures and pricing.
- Ford Mustang light bar
- Mitsubishi Eclipse light bar
- Chrysler Sebring light bar
- Pontiac Firebird light bar
- Chevy Camaro light bar
- Pontiac Trans Am light bar
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Import Precisions sponsored GTO take the "Best Mitsubishi" award at the SEMA Los Angeles International Auto Salon 2004
IP and Jojo take Best Mitsubishi Honors

It's been a fun trip to the point where we took 1st place honors at what I believe is the 2nd biggest industry car show in the country, just under SEMA Vegas.

I first met Jojo when he flagged me down while I was in IP's 3000GT Spyder. He had noticed my VLS go up, and mentioned he had a 3000GT himself, So I gave him some information, and I figured that was it. This sort of thing happens all the time when your doors open vertical. They attract a TON of attention.

Eclipse vertical door conversion kitWhat Jojo completely failed to mention is that his car at home was a show monster that he's put a ton of time and effort into, and was really starting to get noticed on the show circuit. How he failed to mention that little bit of info is beyond me, especially when I first saw it.

We turned out to have alot more in common than just a chance crossing on the street, we became fast friends, and now I'm proud to say his ride now pimps Import Precision VLS. His GTO was already looking incredible, and with the addition of vertical doors SEMA Los Angeles judges had to give the ultimate stamp of approval.