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Our custom made Light bar (roll bar style) from Classic Design Concepts, makers of the Saleen Mustang Light Bar. These light bars have an  light barintegrated LED brake light and a quick 2 hour install.

Click the links to check out pictures and pricing.
- Ford Mustang light bar
- Mitsubishi Eclipse light bar
- Chrysler Sebring light bar
- Pontiac Firebird light bar
- Chevy Camaro light bar
- Pontiac Trans Am light bar
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VLS Family - Eric's '92 Stealth RT VLS
"I've had these hinges for a bit over a month (ONLY!!!), and I can assure you that these are worth a HELL OF A LOT more than the price they are going for. BUT... only if you can stand the never ceasing flood of positive attention that you get whenever you go ANYWHERE!!!! You will be talked about as well... people will know who you are... almost like being famous.

You think im exaggerating, but I AM NOT!!!! A few days ago, i went to the mall a few towns over (Glendale). as im walking away from my car i hear a girl calling my name. i didnt recognize the voice, so i assumed that it was not me.... but it was. seems she (and her friends WinkWink) had heard about me at a party she was at a few days before, and wanted to have her PICTURE TAKEN in my car!!!!"
  Stealth RT Picture #1
  Stealth RT Picture #2
  Stealth RT Picture #3
  Stealth RT Picture #4
  Stealth RT Picture #5