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convertible light bars

Our custom made Light bar (roll bar style) from Classic Design Concepts, makers of the Saleen Mustang Light Bar. These light bars have an  light barintegrated LED brake light and a quick 2 hour install.

Click the links to check out pictures and pricing.
- Ford Mustang light bar
- Mitsubishi Eclipse light bar
- Chrysler Sebring light bar
- Pontiac Firebird light bar
- Chevy Camaro light bar
- Pontiac Trans Am light bar
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VLS Family - Robert M's '1992 3000GT VR4 VLS

lovin VLS every minute of it! (it got me free subway today!)...

on the subway thing: I was at Barnes & Noble looking for a Our Lady Peace Live Album (got it, SCORE!)... and was near my car with my pass door up listening to it for a minute before I was to leave. Well this one woman comes up, all gussied up in a short skirt, heels, and what not. The classic california blonde setup goin on.

Good stuff, and she says "hey nice car... are you hungry?"... basically. that was it. She wanted to deal... so i say, "what?" sorta shocked at what she said... and she says "let me get my digi cam and get a pic of me in your car... and you get free subway, im the manager of that subway over there..." so she got a pic in my car, a pic with me and i get a free sub She told me to come back in a week and she will have a digital one printed out for me, ill scan that shizza. plsu im sure I can land MORE free subway from her too, and something... on the side ::cough:: these doors kick arse...

  3000GT Picture #1
  3000GT Picture #2
  3000GT Picture #3